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Kruthi Snacks and Masalas, takes utmost care in packing your products and shipping all of its products. The package delivery timeline is a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 10 days based on the location to which you have requested shipping. The package is guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition to the shipping address provided.

Please ensure that the address that you provide is clear and complete to ensure proper delivery. It is mandatory that you provide your phone numbers for sure and speedy delivery.

Due to the perishable nature of our products, it is cautioned that the condition of the package may be affected if the carrier must reroute your order. Kruthi Snacks and Masalas cannot be responsible for the condition of orders that are not able to be delivered on the first attempt (or that you may have updated or revised through any customisation options with our carriers).

Kruthi Snacks and Masalas is not responsible for failed deliveries when:

  1. You provide an incorrect or outdated address.
  2. Your recepient is out of town or not available, or
  3. You do not provide a corrected / a new delivery address within 24 hours of the first delivery attempt.

Note: During transit / shipment there is a chance of temperature mismatch due to which there might be a colour variation. If there is any colour variation, it is only due to temperature variation and does not indicate that the product is spoilt.